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Since the arrival of the Switch, Nintendo has made a serious attempt to improve its advertising and marketing efforts. For example, it was only yesterday we saw Spanish tennis star, Rafael Nadal, make an appearance in the trailer for Mario Tennis Aces.

These positive developments continue, with GamesBeat reporting Nintendo was the top video game brand, in terms of television advertising dollars spent, during the month of May. After seven months with Sony in the lead, Nintendo finally surpassed PlayStation advertising.

According to GamesBeat and its partner (a real-time television ad measurement company), Nintendo’s total estimated budget was around $8.6 million, with the company airing 10 commercials more than 4000 times. This in return generated 427.3 million impressions.

The “Best Summer Getaway” campaign spot by Nintendo had the highest costs, estimated at $2.3 million. The spot targeted a family-friendly audience, with the budget split across various networks including Nick Toons, Nick and Teen Nick.

PlayStation wasn’t far from Nintendo, with an estimated spend of $8.2 million on a total of four advertisements. In contrast, these were aired 928 times and generated 387.5 million impressions. Detroit: Become Human was the main spot for Sony, targeting an older market and airing on ESPN, Adult Swim and TNT during programming such as the NBA.

Below these two were FoxNext Games, King – known for Candy Crush – and

In the month of May, gaming industry television advertising in general dropped to an estimated spending amount of around $24.6 million. In comparison, the estimated costs during April were priced at about $31.8 million.