Fortnite has finally landed on Nintendo Switch, and with an absolutely huge caveat: you can't play it using your Epic account if you've EVER played Fortnite on PS4.

To be absolutely clear, there are no work arounds whatsoever. Even if you unlink your PS4 from your Epic Games account, you still won't be able to play using that account on Nintendo Switch. Not now, not ever.

That leaves you with a single option: creating a brand new Epic Games account for Nintendo Switch, and leaving all of your PS4 progress behind you whenever you want to take it on the go. That is the only option available to you if you've ever played Fortnite on PS4.

In this guide, we're going to help you get set up with your new Epic account, and troubleshoot a few problems you might be facing given the constraints. If you have any problems not detailed in this guide, please ask away in the comments and we'll include the most frequently asked questions in this guide.

Fortnite Switch - How To Play If You've Played Before On PS4

If you've ever played Fortnite on PS4, you can no longer use that Epic account to play on Nintendo Switch. Unlinking the PS4 account with your Epic Games account makes absolutely no difference, so we'd strongly advise against doing it as you could lose vital progress.

Instead, your only option is to create a new account entirely. You can do this on your Nintendo Switch itself when you first boot up Fortnite, or you can do so on the official Epic Games site.

I Linked My Switch To My PS4 Fortnite Account, And I Can't Log In On Switch - What Do I Do?

Don't panic – we had this problem ourselves, and it's actually a simple fix. If you try and login to Fortnite on Switch, you'll receive an error message and there is no way to log out and try another account. 

What you need to do is head on over to the 'Connected' section of your Epic Games account, and unlink the Nintendo Switch from your account. This will then let you create a new account either on the Switch itself or on the official Epic Games site. Repeat the first section of this guide to learn more.

How Can I Play With My Original Fortnite Username On Switch If I've Played On PS4 Before?

Create a new account on Nintendo Switch and give it whatever username you can think of at the time. Then, sign into your PS4 Epic Games account on the official site, head into the account section, and change your username to anything. Save it, then log out and log in to your Nintendo Switch account. You should now be able to change your username to your preferred original username.

Bear in mind though that you can't change this username again on either account for two weeks, so make sure you're sure before you go ahead with this.

Have you got any further questions regarding your Fortnite account? Need help with anything else? Ask away in the comments section below.