Finding the Fortnite Pleasant Park Treasure Map and then following it to the treasure is one this week's Battle Pass challenges in week seven, season four. Complete it and you'll earn 10 Battle Stars that will help boost you up the tiers for those sweet season four exclusive rewards.

In this guide, we're going to help you find the location of the Treasure that the Pleasant Park Treasure Map details. You don't have to find the Treasure Map itself though, so just skip that bit and read below for a walkthrough of this challenge.

Once you've found the treasure, you can complete the other difficult challenge this week – scoring in five different soccer pitches.

Fortnite - Pleasant Park Treasure Map Location

The Pleasant Park Treasure map points towards Tilted Towers – specifically to a small hill to the southeast of it. For a better view of its location, take a look at our handy map above, that details the exact location.

Set your marker there and glide down to it. For the exact location, take a glance at our screenshots below that shows the hill from two different angles.

If you've landed in the right spot and you own a Battle Pass, the Battle Star should appear before you. Look at it and hold 'Y' to collect it and the challenge is complete.


Fortnite - How To Complete This Challenge

Do note that you need to complete the particular match of Fortnite you're playing to mark this challenge as complete – quitting out will only cause you to fail. If this is all you want to achieve during this match, just run down to Tilted Towers and get yourself shot.

Bear in mind that this will be a particularly hot area this week, so you might want to hold off from doing this challenge until next week, when everyone else has completed it. 


Having said that, if you do aim to do it right at the beginning of the match, you'll only really have pickaxes to contend with. Should be easy enough to grab the treasure before those can finish you off.

Now that you've completed this challenge, make sure to check out our guide to scoring goals in five different soccer pitches. That's the other tough challenge from the week.