It's official - Fortnite is not only coming to Switch, but you can play it right this second. As predicted, it launched shortly after Nintendo's E3 2018 Direct.

Fortnite is the world's most popular video game right now, thanks largely to its 'Battle Royale' mode which drops 100 players onto an island in a 'last man standing' face-off. Alongside PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Fortnite is responsible for making the 'Battle Royale' concept one of the hottest genres in the industry right now; however, it offers its own unique gameplay hook in the ability to craft defences during combat, something which gives it surprising tactical depth.

Fortnite has been downloaded millions of times across PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and iOS, and is coming to Android soon as well. Now that the Switch version has arrived there's simply no escape from this video game phenomenon.

Fortnite on Nintendo Switch: Release Date

Fortnite is out right now on Nintendo Switch, launching shortly after Nintendo's E3 2018 Direct on June 12th, 2018.

It appears that the dataminers were correct when they discovered that Fortnite was scheduled for launch during E3, which was backed up by a leaked document which showed Fortnite as part of Nintendo's E3 slate. 

Fortnite on Nintendo Switch: Price

A huge part of Fortnite's success is down to the fact that the Battle Royale mode - which, let's face it, is the one everyone is playing - is free to download. The main game was initially released as a premium title set in a world where people start vanishing following a mysterious storm, and players must work together in teams to fend off zombie attackers. However, the stand-alone Battle Royale mode is what has turned Fortnite into a worldwide smash.

That premium version, known as Save The World, hasn't yet appeared on Switch, so right now we're left with the pure Battle Royale mode that costs you nothing to download, but that doesn't mean your wallet will remain unmolested. Cosmetic items such as gliders, costumes and emotes are all available for V-Bucks, the game's virtual currency. V-Bucks are handed out as you progress through the tiers, but it takes ages to amass enough to actually buy anything. Therefore, there's always the temptation to spend real-world money to gain large sums of V-Bucks so you can buy that all-important outfit or amazing dance move.

Fortnite is divided into seasons, each of which has an optional 'Battle Pass' that - you've guessed it - costs actual money. Perks such as exclusive outfits or emotes tempt you to buy, and anyone who has a Battle Pass can enjoy other benefits for that season, such as additional unlocks and increased XP gain. It also offers weekly Battle Pass Challenges which make the game even more fun. The best thing about all of this is that you can ignore it if you wish - all of the items in the game are totally cosmetic and offer no gameplay advantage; Fortnite is refreshingly free of 'pay to win' tactics seen in other free-to-play games.

The Battle Pass costs 950 V-Bucks per season, and 1000 V-Bucks are around around £8 / $10. Each season lasts around 70 days, give or take.

Fortnite on Nintendo Switch: Controls

Fortnite doesn't use motion aiming, like DOOM or Splatoon 2. Instead, it uses a similar controller set up to the one used on PS4 or Xbox One.

Fortnite on Nintendo Switch: Content

Fortnite on Switch is identical to the other platforms, and is currently on season 4.

Season 4 arrived with quite a bang following rumours that a comet would collide with the map and change the layout of the level. The revised island now contains gravity-defying 'Hop Rocks' which allow you to jump high distances, as well as new cosmetic items, emotes and Sprays - the latter of which allows you to tag walls, Jet Set Radio-style. Recently, Epic Games also added Jet Packs and shopping trollies to the game, offering new ways to play.

It's worth noting that Fortnite Season 5 is all set to start on July 10th, so you don't have to wait long for the next season to kick off. Sadly, we've just missed out on the amazing Thanos crossover in Fortnite, but we're hoping before long we'll see some Nintendo-exclusive content like in Rocket League and Minecraft. There's an outside chance that Switch players could get new outfits - Mario, anyone?

Fortnite on Nintendo Switch: The Competition

Given that Fortnite has been thrilling players for months now it's perhaps surprising that we haven't had any other Battle Royale titles on Switch yet. However, there's one notable challenger on the horizon in the shape of Crazy Justice, which has a few tricks of its own. It has a cool cover system, crafting and motion controls, and will offer cross-play support with other formats. If Fortnite doesn't tickle your fancy but you want a Battle Royale alternative, this might be up your street.