Bandai Namco has announced that Dragon Ball FighterZ will be punching its way onto Switch on 28th September, and players that pre-order the game will get some extra little goodies, too.

The Switch version of the critically acclaimed brawler will feature all the spectacular fights, iconic fighters and fast-paced action from the game's release on other platforms, including all the extra characters already released in other versions from day one. Those who decide to pre-order the game will also receive immediate access to Goku and Vegeta SSGSS.

On top of this, and perhaps the icing on the cake, pre-orders will also net you a copy of the Japanese version of the classic SNES game: Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden - a game that only ever saw releases in Japan, France, and Spain back in 1993. Here's what it looks like on Switch:


Meanwhile, Bandai has also announced Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Extra Pack 3, which will also be available this summer on Switch. This pack will offer the long-awaited character, Super Baby Vegeta, a parasite-like organism created from the DNA of King Tuffle before the extinction of his race. By taking possession of Vegeta’s body, Baby became Super Baby Vegeta, one of the strongest fighters in the universe. 

Will you be battling it out when the game launches this September? Let us know if you're hyped for this one in the comments below.