Nintendo of Japan have been busy showing off some upcoming games recently in their "Indie World" presentation. Whilst most of these are games already available in the West, we did spot Devolver Digital's lovely Zelda-like adventure game Minit on the list. Well, when we say Zelda-Like, what we really mean is imagine playing a Zelda game where you died every 60 seconds. That's the basic gist of it

The game was developed by Jan Willem Nijman, co-founder and one-half of Vlambeer, Kitty Calis, who most recently contributed to Horizon Zero Dawn, Jukio Kallio, a freelance composer, and Dominik Johann, art director of Crows Crows Crows.

During play, you'll only be able to control your character for a whopping one whole minute before dropping dead. As you might have already gathered, each interval will allow you to learn a bit more about your environment and use that to your advantage.

Although it's currently pegged as a Japanese exclusive, we wouldn't be totalled taken aback if it landed on Western shores at some point in the near future. Even if it doesn't, the region-free loveliness of the Switch means we don't have to wait for that to happen if we're feeling impatient. Let us know if you'd pick this one up with a comment below.