After the rumours of Retro Studios working on a secret Star Fox: Grand Prix title for Switch flying around yesterday, many were left pondering the future of Nintendo's loved, but almost forgotten, franchises once again. If these new trademark applications are anything to go by, however, we likely haven't seen the last of them just yet.

The company has reportedly filed for a total of 15 applications in Japan, all of which are for the English language names of games or franchises, with the exception of Super Smash Bros. which is simply a trademark for the franchise logo. According to Japanese Nintendo, the reasoning behind these new applications include "for home video game program, smartphone program, as well as non-game related purposes (merchandising etc)."

Here's the full list:

- Super Smash Bros.
- Star Fox
- F-Zero
- Pikmin
- Yoshi’s Island
- Art Style
- Flipnote Studio
- Sin & Punishment
- The Legendary Starfy
- Nintendogs
- Link’s Crossbow Training
- Wii Fit
- Wii Music
- Wii Play
- Wii Sports

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 09.40.07.png

Of course, these trademark applications do not necessarily mean that new games are on the horizon - all of these terms are already trademarked in the west - but the idea of potential new material cannot be written off. The likes of Star Fox and F-Zero appearing on that list in particular are sure to get the minds of fans racing.

Do you think we'll be seeing more games for these franchises in the near future? Or do you think these applications are just generic trademark renewals? Share your thoughts with us down below.

[source japanesenintendo.com]