Nintendo has published a new video on its official Japanese YouTube channel, giving us the chance to have a quick look at some gameplay from the upcoming Octo Expansion for Splatoon 2.

As you can see, the layout and scenery of the level on display looks fairly similar to the game's already-existing solo offerings, but one crucial difference between the two is this level's objective. It appears that to complete this particular level, the player needs to defeat 20 enemies in just two minutes, rather than simply reaching the end of the stage.

We're starting to build a fairly clear picture of what the Octo Expansion will offer now, with images of some of the strange creatures we can expect to meet being shared online, and news that it will feature 80 brand new stages to play through. It certainly looks like it could be a stellar addition to everyone's favourite squid-war shooter.

Are you excited for the expansion? Have you already put your pre-order in? Let us know below.