Jolly news for Megami Tensei fans today as Tom and DDSTrans have announced the release of a complete English translation patch for Super Famicom 1995 exclusive Last Bible III.

This was the first entry in the series released on a home console, with the previous two games having graced the humble Game Boy Colour also exclusively in Japan. This JRPG sports some common Megami Tensei series features like the ability to capture monsters and have them as part of your team. 

The setting is much closer to classic medieval-fantasy JRPGs however, making the actual game look remarkably close to the late 16-bit entries of Dragon Quest. The actual plot is lighter than the main series, but you wouldn't be able to tell that from the game's initial prologue.

This will be the first time Western Super Nintendo fans will be able fully enjoy yet another epic JRPG that, until now, has remained tucked away in the Land of the Rising Sun. The translation patch can be used along with the original Super Famicom cartridge on the RetroN 5 or Retro Freak

Any memories of this series among our NL readers?