Nintendo has announced a partnership with Nickelodeon which will see a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-themed Splatfest tournament take place in Splatoon 2 next month.

Starting from tomorrow, players will be able to start choosing their favourite turtle, ready to take part in a new formula for the game's timed events. Rather than being a one-off affair, this Splatfest will consist of two rounds and a final:

Round 1: Raph vs. Leo: 4th May, 9pm PT – 5th May, 9pm PT

Round 2: Mikey vs. Donnie: 11th May, 9pm PT – 12th May, 9pm PT 

Finals: 18th May, 9pm PT – 19th May, 9pm PT 

For UK and European players, each of the Splatfest rounds will begin and end at 3pm/4pm respectively the following day.


Are you up for a Splatfest tournament? Which turtle do you think will win? And most importantly, whose side will you be on? Let us know down below.