It was way back in 2015 that we got news that the Yo-Kai Watch franchise was getting another spin-off in the form of Yo-Kai Watch Busters, but sadly the open-world brawler never made its way out of Japan. Well, if a tidbit of information is anything to go by, this 3DS gem could finally be getting localised for English players.

A Spanish Yo-Kai watch fan account tweeted this image, showing Nintendo of America being thanked for its involvement in the localisation process alongside Nintendo of Korea. So does that mean the game is finally going to get a release over here? We're big fans of the series here at Nintendo Life (even though Yo-Kai Watch 3 avoided the West completely) so we're hoping the rumour proves to be true.

Are you a Yo-Kai fan? Would you add Busters to your collection if it gets a release in North America and beyond? Share your thoughts below...