Pokémon on Switch is sure to be one of Nintendo's biggest releases in quite some time, but the company is keeping its cards close to its chest at present; we've had little hints of what's to come - such as the game apparently marking the debut of Generation Eight - but solid intel hasn't been forthcoming.

Twitter user Pixelpar - who claims to have industry contacts relating to the game - has now given us hope that Pokémon will be hitting Switch before Christmas. The Pokémon Company previously stated that it would be "2018 or later", so that does seem to tie in with the official line.

Pixelpar also claims to know the game's internal project title:

We'll no doubt see if these reports are true when E3 arrives this year, but what do you make of these claims? Do you think Pokémon is going to be Nintendo's big Christmas title for Switch? It would certainly make sense, but let us know your thoughts by posting a comment.

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