Everything is "Battle Royale this" and Battle Royale that" these days. It's enough to get even the most ardent Nintendo fan down, purely because the Switch is the only console which doesn't have a Battle Royale game at present.

That's not likely to be the case for much longer as Black Riddles Studios is aiming to bring the genre kicking and screaming to Nintendo's system with Crazy Justice, which - as we reported not so long ago - is likely to be the next best thing to having Fortnite on your Switch.

The developer has released a series of videos which show off the unique aspects of the Switch version, such as touchscreen support and motion aiming. Cross-play is promised for the game, so you'll be able to compete with Xbox One and PC owners. Sony isn't playing ball at present, but the studio is open to including PS4 cross-play if that changes.

Crazy Justice has already blasted past its initial goal of $30,000 on crowdfunding platform Fig, and several stretch goals have already been met. Let us know if you've pledged your support to this title with a comment.