It all fits!

In the age of social media, when one company releases a successful product you can bet your bottom dollar that other "brands" will leap on the bandwagon to soak up some of that success, and that's precisely what has happened with Labo.

Nintendo launched its unique construction set just over a week ago, and delivery firm UPS has grabbed firmly onto its coattails with a video tweet which shows the "Labo Toy-Con-tainer".

While this isn't a real product you can buy, we have to admit it's an excellent idea - especially as we're currently wondering exactly how we're supposed to safely store all these cardboard creations we've been making.

All in all, this is a clever piece of marketing that will no doubt get UPS some extra custom - but really, we need this thing to be a commercial product, pronto - or UPS could at least release blueprints for us to copy.