We've got the consoles and handhelds we've played way too much, used to the point of breaking, that little light of life suddenly blinking out for good. For one man - twitter user Kaboo Factory, to be precise - that piece of hardware was his first-gen 3DS, a humble little handheld that eventually gave out following years of portable use.

So, of course, Kaboo Factory reached out to Nintendo to see if he could get it fixed. It was out of warranty, but this is Nintendo, so it was worth a shot. Nintendo said the device - which would no longer turn on - would need its main circuit board and battery needed replacing, and that it would provide replacement parts. For 71 yen. SEVENTY-ONE YEN. That's 47p.

Even the service charge of $23 (£16) was ridiculously low, effectively enabling this dedicated 3DS user to fix his humble device for less than £17.

Have you ever sent your Nintendo console off to be fixed? Have you had a good a bad experience sorting your busted hardware? Let us know below, we'd love to hear your thoughts...