Up your game, man!

Want to feel old? The 1000th episode of the Pokémon anime recently aired. The series began in 1997 in Japan, and follows the exploits of Ash Ketchum as he travels the world with the goal of being "the very best, like no one ever was". During that time new monsters have appeared with startling regularity, fierce rivals have bitten the dust and new regions have been explored. Ash has also starred in numerous spin-off movies, directly related to the TV show.

The trouble is, statistically speaking, Ash is a terrible Pokémon trainer - despite having ample time to git gud.

Think about it; in over two decades, Ash has only managed to capture 77 out of over 800 different Pokémon types. For someone who hopes to be the best trainer in the world, that's a dire total; Ash's Pokédex must be pretty slim when compared to the average Pokémon GO player.

Being serious for one moment, we'd like to know your favourite Pokémon episodes. Have you been watching from the start, or are you a relative newcomer, enticed by the popularity of the recent video games? Let us know by hurling a few Pokéballs in the comments section below.