Here's something we didn't imagine would happen - you can now play DOOM in pinball form on Pinball FX3 for Nintendo Switch! Zen Studios has worked out the rights with Bethesda to bring three new tables to Pinball FX3 in one lovely bundle. This action-packed trio is comprised of tables inspired by iconic Bethesda franchises Fallout, DOOM and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Here's what you can expect from each table:

Fallout pinball

Explore the secrets of a world decimated by nuclear war in “Fallout Pinball,” as you join factions, raid vaults and collect bobbleheads.

  • Avoid the weapon fire of the fully animated 3D Super Mutant as it affects gameplay
  • A fully animated 3D Eyebot flies across the table
  • Create and customize your 3D animated character

DOOM pinball

Fight your way through hordes of demons in “DOOM Pinball” and face the rage of Hell itself to become the DOOM Slayer.

  • A menacing Cyberdemon looms over the table with a huge gun-arm, aiming for anything that moves. Launch the ball past the laser beam for massive skillshot points!
  • Watch out for the Lost Soul floating across the table or the ferocious Imps ready to attack any intruder
  • Earn weapon upgrades for your fully animated DOOM Slayer to utilize in battle
  • Customize your skill level to experience varying difficulties

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim pinball

Fulfill your destiny as the Dragonborn in “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim® Pinball” while crafting weapons, wielding magic, and equipping armor in your thrilling quest to defeat the returning dragons.

  • Fight against fully animated 3D fire-breathing dragons
  • Choose and customize your character's race, abilities, weapons, armor and magic
  • Level up your character’s abilities by skillfully shooting the ball
  • Join factions of your choice
  • Don’t let a game over stop you – like in any good RPG, your character continues to build experience and wear new loot every time you play.

As always it looks like the talented team at Zen Studios have put a lot of effort into capturing unique elements of each IP and translating it into pinball form. Let us know if you'll be checking these out... also how long can it be until Bethesda port Fallout 4 to Switch?