Nintendo Labo is only two+ months out, so the Big N is slowly beginning to open up pre-orders across the world and unveil official new items to support all that cardboard folding and creative programming. And that includes unveiling a new line of masking tapes complete with Nintendo-themed patterns.

They're currently not available for purchase in the West - well, not yet at least - but they will be made available through the official Japanese My Nintendo Store. Each pack contains two designs - one has a yellow design based around ? Blocks and a red polka dot look using mushrooms. The other pack has a Bullet Bill themed one and another based around Boos. No word yet on an official price point.

So what do you make of these funky new masking tapes? It certainly beats using a rubbish brown or black one from your local hardware store. Nintendo Labo launches on 27th April, 2018.