The Japanese cover at for Perfect Dark is beyond amazing

Reports are surfacing online about a potential new entry in the popular Perfect Dark series, which began life on the Nintendo 64.

According to the rumour, Gears of War studio The Coalition has been tasked with reviving the franchise, which is now owned by Microsoft following the purchase of IP holder Rare.

Rare itself is not involved, which marks a sad repeat of the situation with the Killer Instinct reboot, which was also created without the UK studio in the driving seat. Rare is currently hard at work on Sea of Thieves for the Xbox One, so there's a good chance it's too busy to take on any other projects at the time of writing.

The rumour itself seems to have grown out of a (now deleted) post by Storylab Productions - which worked with The Coalition on both Gears of War 4 and Gears of War: Ultimate Edition  - stating that it was about to collaborate with The Coalition on a new project, and a somewhat cryptic forum post on ResetERA. For this reason, we'd take this with a large pinch of salt, but it would make sense for Microsoft to revive the IP to bolster the Xbox One's exclusive line-up of games.

Why are we reporting this news on a Nintendo site when the game is never going to come to a Nintendo platform? Call it nostalgia, or a love of Rare's past glories. Perfect Dark may now be owned by Microsoft, but for fans of the series, it will always be a Nintendo franchise. 

Excuse us, we're off to find out where we put that N64 Expansion Pak...