Comfortable Hands Free Stand
Image: Jkooza

We've seen some crazy third party accessories for the Nintendo Switch so far, with 'The Switch Visor' being one of our favourites for lazy players. 

However, the 'Comfortable Hands Free Stand' as spotted by eagle eyed game developer Jake Kazdal in Japan might take the biscuit.

Judging from the photo, the stand is suspended on a metal band which sits comfortably on the player's neck. The stand offers between 7 to 14cm of movement and can be rotated in 360°. What more could you ask for?

If you could get over the sheer embarrassment of using it on a crowded tube, it might actually be quite practical when you think about it, but no, this is just plain ridiculous. It also reminds us of the equally silly mount for the Virtual Boy. Shudder.

Let us know if you'd give this Switch accessory a try in public with a comment below.