Nintendo Labo

Update: Following on from post earlier in the day, Nintendo has since clarified its stance on additional cardboard design patterns. IGN France, which originally reported the support for such a long-term feature, reports that Nintendo won't be proving additional cardboard patterns for those that wreck the originals that come packed with their Toy Con set. So try to avoid getting them too soggy, yeah?

It’s pretty safe to say that nobody expected Nintendo’s announcement today of the new Nintendo Labo initiative, turning the Nintendo Switch into a decidedly more toy-like piece of kit. One of the main concerns expressed after the announcement was the durability of Labo; cardboard is a rather brittle substance, and it likely won’t take much to break it. Fortunately, Nintendo has thought of this, and has thought of an easy way to sidestep this problem.

IGN France confirmed that Labo Kits won’t actually be required to play Labo games, the cartridge or download will be all that you need. Cardboard design patterns for the various games will freely be provided online, meaning that you can replace or build parts with just about any material, provided you’re crafty enough. Here’s what was said by Nintendo:

Note that the kits will not be mandatory - although the cartridge is needed - since Nintendo plans to offer the cardboard design pattern for free for aspiring builders

What do you think? Will you be getting Labo? How do you think it’ll do commercially? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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