For many, the first thing they aim for in an Animal Crossing game is to make the town better. Fulfilling animal requests, paying for some fancy amenities, and sprucing up a pricey home are part of the grind - a delightful grind, admittedly. The game pushes you towards having a benevolent spirit, too, just from being so darn cute.

Of course, as we've seen in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and even Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, in this age of social media people like to share their experiments, and it seems some like to try and do the same in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

Two trends have been picked up by Kotaku in the weirdness stakes, with various examples of 'lamp cults' and 'prisons'. In the former, it seems the animals get oddly transfixed by lamps, so some are setting up their camps to look like peculiar scenes from a dystopian movie.

Then it gets a tad more sinister with prisons, in which people trap the animals within fences to imprison them.

The usual shenanigans, then.

Let us know of the weirdest things you've seen in other people's camps, or if you're experimenting with your own in quirky was.

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