We'll spare you the usual intro about how well Switch is doing commercially - suffice to say, it's selling like cakes that are quite hot.

The yardstick against which Nintendo console sales are judged is obviously the Wii, the company's most successful domestic system with over 100 million units sold. US Video Games Industry Analyst for NPD Group, Mat Piscatella, says that the Switch is currently outperforming the Wii, when you look at sales over the first 10 months. 

He also thinks that given the hybrid nature of the console, it could end up being even more popular:

Switch is on pace to exceed Wii by 20%+ over the first 10 months of sales. The thing is though, the Switch, from a demographic and usage basis, is nothing like the Wii. It’s much more a core gamer console than anything Nintendo has done since maybe NGC? ...and because it’s a hybrid, multi console ownership per household could be a thing, making upside potential bigger than the Wii.

If Pokemon comes next year I can easily see Switch outpacing Wii and taking 40+ share of the hardware market next year, but it does depend on if Pokemon is next year or not.

Could Switch really overtake the Wii? At first we assumed it couldn't possibly happen, but the more analysts who wade in on the topic, the less sure we are. What about you? Let us know with a comment.