While a number of us - such as this writer in the UK - see this week / weekend as a 'stay away from the shops' occasion, in the US it's Thanksgiving, a Holiday that for some is the most significant of the year.

Nintendo of America has offered its followers a Happy Thanksgiving in a few ways, such as a News post on the Switch, a bunch of Cyber Deals and so on. A tweet for the occasion, though, seems to hit the nail on the head in terms of why Nintendo gaming is perfect for festive and family occasions. Embracing the portable side of the Switch, it shows a family playing various games in each other's company after, presumably, stuffing themselves with food.

We've written a few times about how the simple yet effective 'hybrid' nature of the Switch can bring families together through shared gaming experiences, but of course the 3DS does this too.

For all of you celebrating the occasion, we at Nintendo Life wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.