One of the biggest complaints about the Switch is the lack of any kind of support for wireless headphones beyond wangling something together with an adapter, which introduces lag and other horrible nasties. Thankfully, with the latest firmware update the Switch finally has some support for these oh-so-convenient lovelies, despite Nintendo not officially announcing it themselves yet.

USB audio is now supported in both docked and undocked modes, meaning various headsets which use a USB dongle for connection - such as the Playstation Wireless Headset - are now supported natively on the Switch. You just plug it in and - hey! - it works. 

However, if you're planning to use them portably you will need some form of USB to USB-C adapter plugged into the bottom of your console, which isn't ideal but it's good to know that it at least works. 

Could this mean that Nintendo is about to release its own wireless headphone option? Quite possibly, but if you have access to a pair of wire-free cans already you've got absolutely nothing to lose by trying them out on your Switch to see if they work. Happy days!