In the current internet age where anything more than 24 hours old can easily be forgotten, it's worth remembering that the early days of the Switch eShop had some excellent games; anyone looking for something new to play on the system should remember to select 'View More' at the bottom of the Recent Releases tab. When you go right back to the beginning and work through, I'd bet there's something you considered six months ago that's still calling out to you.

The short term memory that many of us have - I fall victim to it too - can mean we also stop playing particularly good games we already bought. Shin'en Multimedia was clever, then, to add some free content to celebrate the arrival of FAST RMX in Japan; it made me delve off into my catalogue's 'All Software' section to find it, anyway.

The free content is certainly welcome - it includes two cups with three tracks each, and some fiendish AI opponents; as with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, add-on cups ramp up the difficulty. They're new tracks but feel familiar; as explained here they're remixes, bringing elements of separate tracks together into fun courses.

In any case, firing it up for single player and a bit of multiplayer was like meeting an old friend, even if it had only actually been a few months since I'd played it. Such is modern life and the constant flow of affordable games on various platforms, it's easy to forget neat games nestling away at the back of the shelf, like a favourite childhood book. I realised - all over again - what a fantastic video game it is, and how big an asset it is to the Switch.

Heading into the weekend, then, I suggest we all take a play session to find a game that's dropped off our radar. I might give Tumbleseed a whirl, and like FAST RMX it's a game that's been updated and improved since launch - these games may have changed it up without you noticing.

Do you have any games in the depths of your Switch, 3DS or other catalogues that you're going to revisit this week?