Here's one to get us all arguing about assets and fonts into the weekend - someone claims to have images of a 'lost' Virtual Boy game called Star Fox: Red Zone. Hm...

Someone called Sparky_78 on Reddit posted the following images; they seem to be the same person that posted the details as Kallus on Assembler Games.

SF Red Zone.jpg
Star Fox Redzone2.jpg

This is the message that apparently explains where the assets come from.


Some are convinced, though others think it's fake (including this writer); this is from a user called VirtuousRage on PlanetVB.


Color me faithless, but I find most of these "I have lots of info, but I'm going to just trickle it out in tiny fragments" a hot load of garbage. Reminding me a lot of the whole "Polybius" arcade cabinet stuff. ( Great video on that here btw: )

If you just take this "box art" example he's provided you can clearly tell the StarFox logo is cut out from another image as you can still see some white pixels around the edges. ( Take the bottom right of the X for example. )

Also, the font used for "REDZONE" is called "Beyond" a font made in 2011 by "imagex". ( Nintendo would have to be pulling off some crazy time travel for that to happen.

Finally, I would question his story about this "box art" being used to show investors. From my experience, this is not common practice, but I think I've already put this to bed.

I truly will never understand how/why people like this "Issac" fellow get off on just perpetuating lies.

The idea of Star Fox on Virtual Boy isn't new, as it reportedly did the rounds in the mid-'90s as a tech demo but was pretty much lost to the ages. For example the video below (published on YouTube in 2010) is from WCES 1995 and purports to show glimpses of the Star Fox demo and a Mario platformer that never saw the light of day.

It's entirely possible that there was once a Star Fox Virtual Boy game in development, of course; the commercial failure of the system gave it a very short lifespan, so various projects in development may have been dropped. That doesn't mean that 'Star Fox: Red Zone' as seen in these 'assets' is necessarily real, though.

Do you think this box art and screenshots are fascinating assets of a lost game, or fakes by someone with Photoshop and too much time on their hands? Have it out in the comments below.

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