Infinite Minigolf

Zen Studios showed solid support for the Wii U eShop with games like Zen Pinball 2, and will be opening its account on the Nintendo Switch this week with Infinite Minigolf. Due out on 25th July, some have been worried by its change to 'TBD' in the European eShop; the developer has stated in a Reddit AMA that it is "looking into this. Not sure what is going on." It is still listed for 25th July in North America, so it may just be a temporary listing error on the European eShop.

In any case the AMA makes for interesting reading. The developer outlines key features around the game, including some of the filters that'll help players find courses to play; as previously announced there'll be cross-platform sharing of user-created courses.

Much of the AMA was taken up by Switch owners quizzing the studio about support for the system, in particular with its pinball platforms. The company didn't announce any games but was positive, with the following exchange summing it up.

GamingYeti: Traditional question - any unannounced games for the Switch in production?

ZenStudios-Mel: YES!

GamingYeti: Hope you say something soon - I am a fan of pretty much all your games. Castlestorm.

johnazoidberg: Here's a hint: Every time they've been asked about pinball, they say they haven't "announced" any pinball games for Switch, not that they're "not planning" one!

ZenStudios-Mel: HINT!

When asked about developing for the Switch the studio was positive, once again.

With the Switch Nintendo has taken a big step ahead in the quality and accessibility of their development tools, and the system has really decent specs, so I would say it was never easier to develop for a Nintendo platform.

In any case we'll soon see how Infinite Minigolf shapes up on the Nintendo Switch, with more evidently to come from Zen Studios.