The Game Boy Advance was well received when launched way back in 2001. Fans of the classic Game Boy eagerly awaited this successor, which was rather like a juiced up Super Nintendo, as you could play that level of games on the go; Nintendo delivered the goods eventually.

Our chums over at Did You Know Gaming? have put together an informative video which you can view above, which details some of the lesser known factoids about the development of the Game Boy Advance, along with some quirky hardware spin-offs developed by third parties in the later years of its lifespan.

From the cancellation of Project Atlantis to the experimentation with touch screen panels on later editions of the GBA, there is lots to dig into with the Game Boy Advance's history which would point the way to features implemented further down the road in Nintendo's handheld console line.

Let us know if you learnt anything new about the GBA from this video.