Possibly because of copyright issues (we're not even kidding), this new stage will have a different name in the West. It'll transform for each Splatfest, too,

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Nintendo is weird, and that's a wonderful thing. Splatoon 2 and its predecessor are a good example of how Nintendo takes a genre like the competitive shooter and makes it all about fashion-conscious creatures that ink the ground and turn into squids. Still, there's always room for more wackiness.

The Splatoon Twitter account has confirmed that in addition to the usual stage rotations for this weekend's Splatfest there'll be a 'Twilight Zone' stage that'll pop up periodically during play. It clearly seems to be inspired by the iconic TV show the same name, judging by the black and white art included in the tweet.

Splatoon 2 Twilight Zone.JPG

It'll only feature during the Splatfest, though hopefully it'll be a regular part of the events because it looks rather cool.

Oh, and if you're not convinced that the developers are at least partly inspired by The Twilight Zone, the old intro below may persuade you a little.

The upcoming Splatfest - Ketchup vs. Mayo - just got more interesting.