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The Splatoon 2 Splatfest World Premiere is almost upon us, so you should get ready for the action. It'll be Team Cake vs. Team Ice Cream in the West - Japan is a bit different - and there'll be Turf Wars to decide which is better.

Nintendo UK has now confirmed the map rotations and weapons for the event. We suspect it'll be the same split (two stages in separate two hour segments) in North America, too, but for now we've just confirmed the European line-up.

  • 5pm UK / 6pm CEST until 7pm UK / 8pm CEST - Starfish Mainstage + Inkblot Art Academy
  • 7pm UK / 8pm CEST until 9pm UK / 10pm CEST - Moray Towers + Humpback Pump Track

As for the weapons, those are below:

Set 1

  • Main Weapon: Tentatek Splattershot
  • Sub-Weapon: Splat Bomb
  • Special Weapon: Inkjet

Set 2

  • Main Weapon: Splat Roller
  • Sub-Weapon: Curling Bomb
  • Special Weapon: Splashdown

Set 3

  • Main Weapon: Splat Charger
  • Sub-Weapon: Splat Bomb
  • Special Weapon: Sting Ray

Set 4

  • Main Weapon: Splat Dualies
  • Sub-Weapon: Burst Bomb
  • Special Weapon: Tenta Missiles

We suspect the stage splits (and weapon loadouts) will be the same in North America and Australia / New Zealand. As a reminder the Splatfest times for those territories are below.

North America

15th July from 3pm Pacific / 6pm Eastern until 7pm Pacific / 10pm Eastern

Australia / New Zealand

16th July from 8am AEST until 12pm AEST

Are you looking forward to the Splatfest this weekend?