Hey! Pikmin

Though there’s still lots of mystery around what exactly is going on with Pikmin 4 behind closed doors at Nintendo HQ, fans of the series can at least rest easy knowing that the 2D spin-off Hey! Pikmin is only about a month away from seeing a release on the 3DS. Given that Arzest is the studio behind this one, some fans are a bit concerned as to whether this one will be any good, but much of the footage that Nintendo has released thus far seems promising at the very least.

In order to start building up hype for the game’s launch, My Nintendo was recently updated in North America with a few new Pikmin rewards. Most notably, those adorable Pikmin shorts that Nintendo released a few years ago around the release of Pikmin 3 are up for grabs, and there’s a new Hey! Pikmin wallpaper available, too. Here’s what the rewards will cost you:

  • Hey! Pikmin Wallpaper – 50 Platinum Coins
  • Pikmin Short Movies HD – 40 Gold Coins
  • Pikmin Short Movies 3D – 40 Gold Coins

Will you be getting any of these rewards? Do you think Nintendo should continue pouring into its cinematic side? Share your thoughts in the comments below

[source my.nintendo.com, via my.nintendo.com]