Photoshop is fun

The NES Classic Mini is a cool little device and proved hugely popular, though sadly Nintendo botched the whole supply and demand thing. The success of the hardware, and the buzz it brought in the Holiday season last year, certainly makes rumours of a SNES Classic Mini this year seem feasible. It could be announced relatively close to release, should be relatively simple to bring together (especially as Nintendo even made SNES Classic Controllers in the Wii era for Club Nintendo), and would definitely sell out.

Now Destructoid has added to the weight of rumours around the device. Jonathan Holmes was in a GameStop to buy amiibo and spoke to a store manager that said they'd been told at a "behind closed doors event" that the system was in the works. He set off to another store and spoke to a manager who also told of a meeting with a Nintendo rep, and then a third seemed to confirm the same thing.

It is interesting that three separate managers have seemingly been briefed about the system, though of course it's all still a rumour. Amusingly those managers all seemed to share a weariness and cynicism about it, no doubt fearing another stock shortage for which they have to face frustrated customers.

Well, if Nintendo makes a SNES Classic Mini hopefully it won't be a Holiday product with minimal stock designed to drive "headlines and foot traffic", as one of the sources reportedly said. Nintendo often promises us more stock of rare amiibo, Nintendo Switch etc but often struggles to deliver. Hopefully lessons will have been learned with a SNES Mini.

Anyway, if it does happen here are 30 games we hope to see on the system. It's nice to dream, right?