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It's time. The final report from the Squid Research Lab detailing the signing sensations Callie and Marie and how their lives have changed since the final Splatfest. We continue after Callie mysteriously failed to show up at the train station, leaving Marie in disarray for her sister. 

The final chapter sees Marie venturing to Cap'n Cuttlefish's shack for help, only to find the snow globe that once held DJ Octavio shattered. A quick trip to Inkopolis then puts the situation into perspective for Marie as once again The Great Zapfish has disappeared. With chaos surely in sight, Marie decides it's time to "enlist a brave recruit to help investigate the depths of the Octarians' underground base". 

The full chapter 7 extract reads:

Quick as she could, Marie arrived in Octo Valley. Cap'n Cuttlefish's shack was completely deserted. The shack itself was undisturbed, but the snow globe that had stood beside it was a shattered wreck – pieces of glass littered the landscape. Callie was nowhere to be found, and the scene failed to offer up any clues. With a heavy heart, Marie made her way back to Inkopolis.

The city was buzzing with unbelievable news. The Great Zapfish had disappeared! It had vanished once before, but reappeared shortly thereafter. The people of the city consoled each other, saying, "Chill out! It won't be gone long this time, either!" Marie alone shivered in trepidation. "Could he possibly be at it again?"

Marie made up her mind to get to the bottom of this. But if their adversary was who she suspected, this problem would have no quick and easy solution. Cap'n Cuttlefish wasn't around to help this time. Her worry for Callie overshadowed everything, and before long, the squidizens of Inkopolis would begin to notice Callie's absence. If Marie were to disappear, too, at a time like this, it would only add to the chaos. But what else could she do?

There was no choice but to find help, and quickly. Just as Cap'n Cuttlefish had done before, she would need to enlist a brave recruit to help investigate the depths of the Octarians' underground base. Thanks to her fame, though, Marie stood out like a sore tentacle in Inkopolis. She had to keep the number of people who knew about the new Octarian threat to a minimum. Secrecy and discretion were, after all, of the utmost importance when it came to the operations of the Squidbeak Splatoon.

Suddenly, the conversation she'd had with Callie at Arowana Mall came rushing back to her. Word on the street was that all the freshest Inklings were hanging out and battling for turf in a new part of town. Surely she could find someone there with the perfect blend of talent and bravery this daring task required. Her mind made up, Marie set her sights on the new center of squid kid culture, Inkopolis Square!

The story continues in Splatoon 2…

With this new information it appears Marie will be recruiting a new fresh Inkling to help investigate the disappearance of Callie. Last night Nintendo also released a trailer showcasing single player mode and a hint of what is going on between the Squid Sisters. Check out the trailer below:

Are you looking forward to continuing the story in the Splatoon 2 single player mode?

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