It's quite pricey

The cost of the Nintendo Switch has been a bone of contention since it was first announced, with some complaining that it was simply too expensive to be successful. The resultant bumper sales may have disproved that stance a little, but fresh evidence would suggest that the production cost of each unit is actually quite high, so while Nintendo is making a profit on each one sold, it's not raking in the cash by any means.

According to a recent teardown, the total cost of components for the Switch is $257. So had the company hit that magical $250 / £250 price point, it would have been selling the machine at a small loss - something it has avoided doing since the days of the Wii.

Naturally, the cost of production falls throughout a console's lifespan so there's clearly room for a price cut in the future, but at the present moment in time it would seem that Nintendo really has priced the Switch as low as it can do without losing cash on each one sold.