Indie title Mr. Shifty is all about dashing through walls and taking out enemies in style, but if you've downloaded the Switch version then you may be finding that you're having trouble doing that due to the game's inconsistent frame rate.

When the action hots up, the game drops frames quite dramatically, which throws off your timing and can even lead to situations where your character dies through no genuine fault of your own.

This was brought to the attention of Team Shifty, the devs behind the game, and the initial response wasn't exactly reassuring:


A Reddit AMA session followed in which Team Shifty continued to tiptoe around the idea of patching the frame rate. This led to Alex Nichiporchik, CEO of the game's publisher TinyBuild, to step in and assure fans that a patch to address frame rate issues is indeed being worked on.

Nichiporchik explained that "a brand new platform with brand new development tools and a 3rd party engine" was always going to present problems, but that Team Shifty and TinyBuild were both actively working on a solution:

I'm just very sorry that the stress on everyone involved created this situation. Some things were said that shouldn't have been, and we didn't do a good job with communicating here. I hope this post brings some context to what's going on.

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