Keeping up
Image: Damien McFerran / Nintendo Life

The success of the Nintendo Switch has caused a flurry of activity on the Japanese stock market, leading analysts to speculate that the console could outperform the Wii, Nintendo's most successful home system of all time.

According to Bloomberg Quint, since the Switch went on sale at the beginning of March Nintendo has outperformed the Japanese stock market by 20 percentage points through Thursday - more than double the 8.9 percentage point outperformance during an same time period of time after the arrival of the Wii, way back in 2006. For comparison's sake, Nintendo's current stock market performance also comprehensively outstrips the 30 point lag its shares suffered in 2012, following the launch of the Wii U.

This robust stock market activity has led to some analysts to predict that the company could shift as many as 16 million units in the fiscal year through to March 2018. However, that optimism isn't shared by all; Jefferies Group analyst Atul Goyal has warned that the company's track record of underproduction could mean that it fails to capitalise on the demand for Switch.

Jefferies is predicting that Nintendo will sell 5 million consoles this fiscal year, while Bank of America is predicting 6.5 million. SMBC Nikko thinks Nintendo will shift 7.5 million, while Mizuho (10 million) and Ace Institute Research (13 to 16 million) are both more positive.

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