The 8Bitdo Retro Receiver for the NES Classic Mini is an essential purchase as it allows you to game on your console without being tethered by annoying short wires. The device has just become that little bit more desirable thanks to a new firmware update which adds support for Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons and Pro Controllers.

This is quite a useful update because it means you can purchase the Retro Receiver without any controllers and then simply use your Joy-Cons, giving you wireless control while saving you money.


Once you have updated your Retro Receiver to firmware v1.05, simply plug it into your NES Mini and hold down the sync button until the blue LED blinks. You'll then need to hold down the sync button on your Joy-Con or Switch Pro Controller to pair it.

You can pick up the Retro Receiver on its own from Amazon for $16.99. Will this news convince you to make a purchase? Post a comment below to tell us, and the world.

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