FAST RMX will be among the most sought after Switch eShop downloads on 3rd March, and Shin'en has now shared some details with us to prove that it should be easy for everyone to enjoy it. Continuing with the studio's past focus on minimising file size to avoid filling up players' available system memory, this one will easily fit on launch day Switch units.

It's coming in at just 900MB, which is under 1/26th of the memory you have after accounting for the Switch operating system. Details from Shin'en are below.

File Size

As always we used all tricks to keep the file size super small without sacrificing any quality.
The file size of FAST RMX will therefore only be ~900 Megabytes! So anyone can download it really 'FAST' to their internal memory.

Despite the small size the game is full packed of content, with an overview below:

- 10 Cups
- 15 Vehicles
- 30 Individual tracks
- 47 Audio Tracks

Always trying to make the most of the technology available, Shin'en has also implemented surround sound for those that have it setup on their TVs:

Surround Sound

When playing in console mode on a 5.1 surround set you can hear other drivers coming from behind or passing by. Of course also most other actions have 3D sounds associated.

When playing in handheld mode we down-mix to stereo but still have 3D information processed (distance, panning, doppler effect..)

Touch Screen

All buttons in the menus can also be operated by touch! This makes it a breeze to select any items when playing in handheld mode.

It's not long until FAST RMX arrives; is it part of your Nintendo Switch plans?