Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove offers quite a bit of value to anybody looking for a quality retro fix on their Switch, with the latest Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment expansion only further adding to it. Though the game wasn't strictly "new" when it showed up at launch, it was nonetheless a quality port that brought the full adventure to the Switch. Now, a new update has made some welcome tweaks and changes.

Yacht Club Games recently put out the 3.0A patch, which makes various bug fixes and, most notably, now allows the game to output 1080p visuals when played in docked mode. Granted, the difference isn't nearly as noticeable in a game with visuals such as this, but the additional fidelity will no doubt still provide for a better all-around experience. Here are the full patch notes:

Fix: Specter of Torment: Crash when defeating the final boss with a German language setting.
Fix: Specter of Torment: Fixed a bug that allowed Specter Knight to Judgment Rush to unintended locations during certain scenes.
Fix: Specter of Torment: Horace sometimes rewarding the wrong gold amount when reaching the tower's top.
Fix: Support for Player 2's controller within calibrate screen prompts.
Fix: Delete All now resets screen scale and brightness settings.
Fix: Shovel of Hope: Various bug fixes for co-op.
Fix: Specter of Torment: Broken camera transition when falling into a certain death pit within "event 2".
Various localization and text improvements.
Change (Shovel/Plague): The wandering encounter Reize will no longer cross over into the second tier of stages if the game time is below 25 minutes…
Now outputs at a 1080p resolution while playing in docked mode!
Screen Scale video option is only applied and available while playing in docked mode.
Screen Scale menu now appears for the first time that the game is started while in TV mode.
Note: If your TV is not displaying the game's full image we recommend adjusting your TV Settings from the System Settings menu — this way you're set for all games in the future! Learn how to do so here.
Fix: Screen Scale / Brightness options not saving.

What do you think? Did you get Shovel Knight on the Switch? What do you think the King Knight mode will be like? Drop us a comment in the section below.