Are you fed up of losing rounds in 1-2-Switch? Perhaps you need this intimidating 3D-printed knuckle grip to strike fear into the heart of your opponent?

It's hard to think of an genuine application for the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Knuckles made by "The Engineer" and offered for sale at $25 in a variety of colours (including pink!) on 3D printing website, Shapeways.

The SL and SR buttons appear to be obscured by the add-on, and also requires you cannibalise the Joy-Con wrist-strap, which sounds ominous too. Still, that's a small price to pay for being able to look like a tough guy when holding an otherwise harmless video game controller, we guess.

Will you be picking up a Joy-Con knuckle duster or are you happy to hold it like a normal person?

[source shapeways.com]