Nintendo of America has been doing some pretty decent promotion for the Nintendo Switch, and now it's planning a somewhat random set of PR-friendly pop-up previews in 'surprising places' around the US. Basically, a temporary living room will pop up in a pre-planned 'surprising' place, celebrities will pose with slightly confused passers-by and BAM, there are your publicity shots for social media.

It's best to let Nintendo's own words explain it, and we've also produced a composite giving an idea of what it'll be like when John Cena shows up to one of the events.

The tight orange shorts are unconfirmed at this stage

To showcase this unprecedented new style of console gaming on the go, Nintendo is showcasing the versatility of Nintendo Switch across the country with highly visual, interactive living room-inspired spaces in places you would never expect, bringing surprises to every stop. The first Nintendo Switch experience will pop up in the desert at Blue Cloud Movie Ranch on Feb. 23. Invited guests will get the chance to enter the interactive space and experience different Nintendo Switch games, as well as delight in the novelty of playing these games in a completely unexpected locale.

To make the first stop even more exciting, John Cena will be the special guest at this location. As a WWE Superstar and actor who is as versatile as the Nintendo Switch console itself, the performer (and Nintendo fan) Cena is the perfect person to kick off this unique tour. Known for his charisma and family-friendly appeal, John Cena will showcase the face-to-face off-TV functionality of 1-2-Switch, a Nintendo Switch launch game that features hilarious activities like milking a cow and participating in a Wild West duel. Cena will play the game with invited fans and YouTube influencers, highlighting how fun it is to play 1-2-Switch using the innovative new Joy-Con controllers.

The second Nintendo Switch experience will pop up in Aspen, Colorado, on Feb. 27 at the popular Snowmass ski resort. Again, the unexpected location highlights that Nintendo Switch games can be played anywhere – even somewhere as remote as the side of a snowy mountain!

The final stop on the Nintendo Switch journey will be in Madison Square Park in New York on launch day, March 3. Surrounded by excited fans and curious onlookers, the event will kick off a new era in Nintendo gaming. Two famous (and super) brothers named Mario and Luigi will also attend the final event to celebrate launch day.

Nintendo of America's Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Doug Bowser, said the following from his castle.

The upcoming launch of the unique Nintendo Switch console calls for a unique series of celebrations. These unexpected locations perfectly highlight the features of the new system, as well as provide one-of-a-kind surprise-and-delight moments that Nintendo does best.

Never change, Nintendo.