Pokémon has always been popular, but the franchise has certainly benefitted from the timely arrival of Pokémon GO, which has increased mainstream awareness in the brand to levels that perhaps haven't been witnessed since it first launched in the '90s. As as consequence, associated merchandise has also been given a boost, and that includes the Pokémon Trading Card Game, which arrived alongside the Game Boy game 20 years ago.

The game has just been upgraded with the new Sun & Moon expansion, which introduces GX cards for the first time. To accompany this new release, The Pokémon Company has published a video which outlines the basic rules of the game - such as how many cards you can have in a deck, where to place your cards on the playing mat and how to use energy cards to power attacks - but it's the catchy song that plays over the top which has really caught our attention. The lyrics are literally instructions on how to play, but sadly it's intended for Japanese audiences and is therefore a bit wasted on non-speakers.

Still, it's well worth a watch - especially if you're totally new to the game. Despite the language barrier, it's actually quite easy to make out what's going on, making this a bite-sized (and toe-tapping) introduction to the world of Pokémon trading cards.