Way back in July last year we reported on the development of Draw The Line by indie studio Nexis Games, previously famous for the as-yet-unreleased Minecraft clone UCraft.

Billed as the first in the The Dance of the Damned series, this FPS title is something of a melting pot of ideas. Your role is to protect a scantily-clad young woman by the name of Ayamei, who is being hunted by a "corrupt government", presumably because in the footage shown she appears to be capable of shooting lightning bolts from her standard-issue handgun. Swanky!

The trailer shows some levels and enemies, which range from standard soldiers to deranged gorillas and massive (but oddly stationary) robots. If you force-fed a five-year-old loads of sweets and fizzy drinks packed with E-Numbers and then asked them to give you a checklist of everything they want to see in a video game, we imagine it would look something like this. It's gloriously shonky, but Nexis Games insists that it is approaching a finished state and will be "polished, perfected and submitted to Nintendo in about the next 60 days or so."


[source nintendonuggets.com]