Switch it on

Yesterday we reported on a rumour which suggested that the Nintendo Switch could retail for $249.99 in North America - the source being an employee at retailer Best Buy.

Now it's the turn of rival store Target, which apparently has a placeholder listing for the console on its stock system with a price of $299.99.

Interestingly, Target also has 15 different placeholders for Switch games, which indicates that the console could be launching with quite a few titles.

While it should be pointed out that these are placeholder listings and may not be final, it's interesting that we have two retailers which are offering the same product at two different prices. Perhaps Target's listing alludes to the "premium" package, while Best Buy's the "base" model?

What do you make of this information? As ever, we want to know so leave a comment below.

[source twitter.com, via brickseek.com]