Image: Ubisoft / Michael Ansel

In a familiar occurrence in the lead up to Nintendo's Switch presentation, reporter Laura Kate Dale has shared more details regarding three upcoming Ubisoft titles coming to the Switch. As always they're rumours, but Kate Dale has been correct in multiple past reports.

If you don't want these potential surprises spoiled for you before 12th January, then you shouldn't really be reading this...

First up there's information about a Switch port for Rayman Legends, a 2013 Ubisoft side-scroller that was a sequel to Rayman Origins. Supposedly, the title will be announced during the event and will then be released after the first months of the Switch's launch window.

Next up we have the Rabbids/Mario crossover SRPG. After reporting on who will be composing the music for the title, it seems that Kate Dale has outed the name of the game. Titled 'Rabbids Kingdom Battle', the claim is that a source now pegs the game for a September release window.

Lastly, we have more info regarding Beyond Good & Evil 2 and its apparent exclusivity for the Nintendo Switch. With a full year of exclusivity, the title will feature a teaser that will close the upcoming presentation.

Also of note, potentially, Kate Dale now believes that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild could be a launch title for Switch, having previously expected it later in the year. There have been lots of contradictory claims on this one, though some of the marketing materials and retail advertising in recent weeks do suggest it should arrive early in the Switch's lifespan.

In any case, let us know what you think of these rumours, as always, in the comments.