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Since the big Nintendo Switch Presentation we've run a couple of polls to gauge your views and thoughts on the system, with a mixed outlook in our most recent set of questions. Over the past week, though, we've been publishing some guides for those that have decided they're picking up a Nintendo Switch on day one, picking out some of the best options for Micro SD cards, Switch carrying cases, and general Switch accessories. Beyond picking up the console some of these extras will be important purchases.

In the past week we've also seen a general expansion of the games list for the system, including those coming at launch. The announcements may not be all done, but there's now a small but interesting mix of retail and eShop-only titles that'll be out on day one or in 'March'. The theory, clearly, is to cater to a broad range of genres, while some Nindies are also keen to make their moves early on the new console.

With all of that in mind we thought we'd shift the focus from whether to buy one and see what the early adopters among you are planning to buy. Many may fall under the console + The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild category, but there could be more to it than that.

So, if you're jumping in early on Switch let us know what you're planning to pick up with the system. Also let us know in the comments if you have any special launch day plans; we're planning to run a user-driven live blog reminiscent of our Wii U shindig, albeit in the flashier modern version of our live chat tool.

So, have at it!

Which Nintendo Switch games will you get at launch? (List includes 'March' titles)

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What size of Micro SD card are you going to use?
What Nintendo Switch accessories do you plan to get at launch?

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