Pokemon Sun and Moon

Though it seems that the games have trouble rallying community support for certain in-game events, it's been common knowledge that Pokémon Sun and Moon have been a pretty big deal sales-wise. The pairing of games has had impressive numbers—even for the Pokémon series—and has consistently broken sales records both for the series and Nintendo as a whole. Now that the December NPD results have started coming out, it seems that the awards are continuing to pile up.

Nintendo recently sent out a statement that Pokémon Sun and Moon have collectively sold 4.5 million units, and in so doing have secured the new record of being the fastest Nintendo games to ever do so. Moreover, they were the second and third best-selling games across any platform for the month. The 3DS saw a big bump as a result, making this last quarter the most profitable for software sales ever for the platform, with 7.3 million in total, marking a seven month streak of higher sales compared to the same period last year.

What do you think? Will Nintendo keep the 3DS around for some time? Will Pokémon Sun and Moon be the best selling games in the series? Drop us a comment in the section below.

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