Japanese stores work a little differently when it comes to pre-orders on new systems and games - after all, while retailers around the world were selling pre-orders right after the Nintendo's Switch Presentation earlier this month, there was a wait before the same happened in Japan.

Now images are popping up of game cases in Japanese stores, giving an extra look at the boxes in which we'll keep those little cartridges. We already knew the general design for the front, in particular, but some posts on Twitter show how each game also has art on the inside; we've seen this occasionally with 3DS games, in particular, but it seems mandatory with Switch titles.

@SpinelessOyster has posted images of the boxes for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and 1-2-Switch:

Zelda box.PNG
Image: @SpinelessOyster

Gaijinhunter, a name familiar to many Monster Hunter fans for his YouTube channel, has also tweeted images of a number of titles.

These games aren't on sale right now, of course, but simply on display to build awareness.

Do you like the look of the Switch cases?