Pokémon GO continues to generate some of the strangest news stories around, with the latest offering involving a complaint to police that a player had simply walked right into someone's house in search of rare 'mon.

According to the BBC, the player entered a property in Norwich, UK and when questioned told police officers it was all the game's fault.

This is just one of 19 Pokémon GO-related incidents recorded by Norfolk police during the months of July and August. Others include assaults, driving offences, noise nuisance and thefts.

One driver was reported for behaving erratically as they played the game at the wheel, while elsewhere a man's phone was stolen right out of his hand while the offender distracted him by talking about the game itself.

In the majority of these cases - recorded in King's Lynn, Hoveton, Norwich, Gorleston and Thetford - police officers attended the scene but no action was taken.

Superintendent Dave Buckley, from Norfolk Police, had this to say:

If any offences are committed whilst playing the game they will be investigated fully and offenders will be dealt with appropriately.

Have you heard of any similar reports in your neck of the woods? Post a comment below to tell us.

[source bbc.co.uk]